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Apr 08, 2016

Crown Chakra Information

Crown Chakra symbolic lotus flower holds a thousand possibilities towards your enlightenment by working with the seventh chakra.

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Apr 08, 2016

Third Eye Chakra Information

Women's intuition is at home in the third eye chakra. Awareness that needs no explanation. Healthy Ajna Chakra means you trust your inner vision, your intuition, 6th chakra.

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Apr 08, 2016

Throat Chakra Information

Lots of communication is key for your throat chakra to be balanced. Also known as Vishuddha which means purity. Speak your pure truth, live your best life.

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Apr 08, 2016

Heart Chakra Information

Your heart chakra is the center point of all your chakras. It's all about the love here as we learn to open the chakra heart. Feel the magic in your green chakra.

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Apr 08, 2016

Solar Plexus Chakra

Healthy, balanced solar plexus chakra means you'll easily pursue your destiny. Vital Manipura information includes many ways to support and balance yellow chakra

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Apr 08, 2016

Important Sacral Chakra Information

Creativity and sensuality reside in the Sacral Chakra, learn what you need to know about this second chakra to fully experience this creative power in you.

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Apr 08, 2016

Root Chakra Information

Great list of root chakra attributes, function, herbs, essential oils, aromatherapy, gemstones, yoga poses, mantras and meditations for healing the red chakra.

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Mar 03, 2016

Who Is Chakra Lover?

Why Chakra Lover is so passionate about everything she does.

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Mar 02, 2016


I havenot Experience Any kind of Chakra Yoga, it's the first time i want to start.

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Oct 11, 2015


Baddha Konasana or Cobbler Pose

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Jun 25, 2015

Getting My Voice Back

When I was a little girl I used to sing before I went to sleep. I never let anyone hear me for fear they'd criticize. So when everyone left the house,

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Jun 25, 2015

Singing myself to Sobriety

My life had become unmanageable and I knew I was at a pivotal point of change. I found a place to heal and grow. It was a treatment center near my family,

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Jun 25, 2015

Chakra Shine Bed Linen

Established in 2011 and now operating online, 7 Circles created, developed and commenced marketing the Chakra Shine brand of products. Chakra Shine is

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Apr 09, 2015

7 Chakras - How To Heal Yourself With These Powerful Energy Centers

Journey through your body's powerful 7 chakras to create profound chakra healing that can transform your life. Your time is now and it is all about you.

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Apr 09, 2015

Chakra Symbol Printable Resources

Printable resources chakra symbol, gemstones, chakra affirmations

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