Who is Chakra Lover?

While attending an intense spiritual/personal development workshop in 2006, for several days in a row I pondered this request from fellow attendees.... “Tell Me Who You Are”. Not in a “so what do you do for a living?” kind of way either. I'm talking about intense, let's clear your baggage and all the things that you think are in your way and get to the core of who you really are......

We sat across from each other and alternated asking this while quietly receiving the other's words and emotions without judgement or input of any kind. We meditated while eating, walking and resting. I experienced my inner child in repeated visions and the feeling of kundalini energy swirling up my spine though at the time I didn't know what it was. It was a very pure experience.

The journey was one to clear the fog of who I thought I “was” to the clear and simple truth of who I am- a divine spiritual being having a human experience. The other things about me are an extension of that. They are the colours I chose to use for the masterpiece of my life.

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Welcome to my palette....

Let's start from the beginning. I was born in BC, Canada in December of 1969 and adopted at the age of 6 weeks old. Raised by a loving family on Vancouver Island on the incredible West Coast of Canada.

My birth family is somewhere on the East Coast, this completely explains my love of any coastline and my Newfie sense of humour. I would like very much to meet them someday and greet them by “trowing dem a hearty kitchen perty” (translation: throwing them a hearty kitchen party)

My journey as an adopted person continues to be fascinating. I could write a book on this alone.... and I may...

In this life.... my name is Narissa and in Greek means “daughter of the sea”.

I love learning, music, language, rainbows, travel, cats, photography, food, inspiring others, dancing, writing music, singing and making jewelry with gemstone beads.

I toured as a singer in a rock and roll band at 19, worked in retail for 14 long years, wrote and produced my own cd while single-parenting, and after a powerful encounter (confrontation actually...) at a music conference with the formidable/notorious Gene Simmons.... I realized I could do just about anything. That's another story....

canadian female singers

I have been across Canada but not all the way home yet, I've been to Mexico and am almost fluent in Spanish and French is a close second. I also went to Poland for the weekend, also another story.

Why am I here?

I've always known I came here to have a dynamic and rich life experience. By the age of 20 I knew that I could “do” anything, it was merely a matter of what I wanted to spend my time “doing” and how to go about learning it and becoming involved.

Creating this website has been yet another fantastic chapter in the book of Narissa... I have spent many years “making a living” but not really living my deepest purpose. I am a visionary and an artist, which is a very fiery and delicious combination. My life is NEVER boring. I have an insatiable thirst for personal development and great passion for sharing my journey with others in the hopes that it may ignite a spark in them to participate fully in painting the great masterpiece of their life too.

On unleashing my inner geek... I had no idea I was so inclined, but in this incredible age we're living in I believed it was in my best interest to embrace technology, finding a harmonious way to reach more souls to rain my joy upon... Enter SBI! in the beginning of 2012, a great friend showed me the door to a great tool and the rest is history.

Someone asked me once, "why a chakra website?" My answer was simple, “all roads lead home”.

Whatever path I'm on, it's the one that leads my soul to the greatest expansion. I feel like this spiritual journey with the chakras is one that is fortifying my identity, my experience as an artist, human being, entrepreneur and “inspiromaniac”.

My hope is that this site will inspire visitors to remember their greatness and how powerful they are, reach higher, ask questions and be the star of the movie of their life.

Thank you for being in mine....

feel free to rewrite your copy of the script as you see fit :)

Namaste darlings, Narissa

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