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Chakra meditation is for you goddess.

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By meditating on each of your energy centers you begin the journey to restoring the energy flow to it's intended state. This process can be enhanced through the use of color therapy, aromatherapy and music therapy just to name a few.

You will be able to customize your chakra meditation experience and create a blissful, powerful experience that can literally transform every aspect of your life.

It is said that if you wish to create something you've never had, you must do something you've never done.....

New to Meditaion? Click here to find out how to meditate for beginners.

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Chakra meditation can be as simple as you want.
Try this heart opening meditation...

 Sometimes for me it is just sitting quietly, enjoying stillness. I may focus on my root chakra and grounding to mother earth. I am a highly creative goddess so it's important for me to feel grounded otherwise it can be like herding butterflies.    Be happier!

Every chakra holds tremendous potential for healing. Give yourself the greatest gift and tend to each one. You'll soon see exactly what you need to do to balance or strengthen and step into your fullness of being. I'm here to support you on this path, you can ask me anything! Message me.

For a chakra healing meditation I will focus on the energy center that I'm feeling is out of balance. A recurring one for me is the throat chakra, the 5th one. This one has everything to do with speaking the truth, expression, creativity and communication. Click here to find out more throat chakra information.

In this life I have always been drawn to the colour of the blue chakra  and to forms of vocal expression whether through speaking or singing.

Do you love to sing???

Do you love to sing? Can you speak? Then SING GIRL!!! It doesn't matter if anyone else likes it or not, it's about YOU sharing YOUR joy with the world. I find that singing in particular is very healing for this chakra. It has become a meditative practice for me. It's about finding what's right for you goddess and when you do it will be effortless. Sure it might take a bit of discipline at the beginning, I've used sticky notes as reminders to meditate or take quiet time for gratitude and healing.

What's your favourite chakra balancing meditation?

Let's lift each other up higher by sharing a chakra meditation that works for you.

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Chakra balancing meditation is also very important. If you have an under or overactive chakra it will affect the chakras next to it as they attempt to compensate. Give each of these wheels of light some love sister :)

How to meditate for beginners is a great place to start to get some inspiration going. After that, personalize it for you, there is no right or wrong contrary to what society would have us believe darling. Make your own rules, it's your life right? Chakra meditation can become a treasured part of your day and you will be amazed how the universe moves to conspire with you as you create your life on purpose. Have fun with your meditation!

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