7 Chakras...
Your Personal Power

Your chakras are powerful energy vortexes connected to your physical body. Each one relates to different organs of your body, different aspects of your being. When they are open and flowing, everything works in harmony. When they are closed you feel unwell, you may have dis-ease or illness.

Your time is now and it is all about you!

It's like this: troubles with self esteem or personal power? Yellow Chakra

Having a hard time speaking your truth about something? Throat Chakra

Feeling chaotic? Like you don't belong? Balance your Root Chakra    

Does compassion come easily to you? It's because of your Heart Chakra

Wish you were more creative or sensual? Fire up the Orange Chakra

Do you have great intuition? That's connected to the Brow Chakra

How's meditation going for you? Connection to source is Crown Chakra

Are you ready to feel your power? Got 15 minutes? This free chakra healing will leave you feeling connected, refreshed and empowered.

7 chakra mantras

Now is your time!

 My guess is that you've always done for others, more than for yourself. Am I right? Balance the Heart chakra and take care of you too. Whatever is going on for you, your chakras are guiding you to the solution. Illness, lack, insecurity, pain, weight problems...

Get ready to explore your 7 chakras through music, meditation, massage and yoga. Learn how kundalini energy animates each of your chakras and the powerful mind body connection. Have fun looking around and choose what works for you. We are all unique. Personally, I think wearing my chakra necklace is about the best therapy I've ever had!

Excited?!?! Click here to start with some chakra yoga poses.

As we journey through the chakras you'll discover amazing things about yourself, and best of all you will remember your greatness and come to know that you are perfect just as you are.

I found some great Chakra Music here...

7 chakras

....and when it comes to attracting a partner, nothing is juicier than a woman who knows the gorgeous feminine power she has and how to express it.

If you haven't already, meet your sexual chakra now....

Other women will also feel this power and want to know what you have and how to cultivate it.

When you align your chakras it's like you partner up with the universe and everything is possible. Life with balanced chakras is delicious and who wouldn't want to spend time with someone delicious? By the way, men with balanced chakras.....also very sexy.

When your chakras are open you will recognize a man or woman with this kind of presence immediately. Even if you're not looking for a mate, it's a very powerful experience to connect energetically with others on this level. It is without words.

Ready to have some fun Chakra Lovers?

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