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So what is a chakra?

A chakra is an energy center or vortex on your spiritual body, each one connected to your physical body. First mentioned in ancient Hindu texts of knowledge known as the Vedas.

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit language and means "wheel of light".

Each is a spiraling vortex of energy... also known as nadis, that is connected energetically to your spine and has relationships with specific emotional, spiritual and physical body systems.

I will deal primarily with the 7 main chakras located at the base of your spine and going up to the top of your head, though I will touch on some others later on.

What is a chakra

Like having an road map of your body, chakras receive and transmit energy, each one relating to different parts of your body and aspects:

physical - emotional - spiritual

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Associated with each chakra is a sanskrit name, a color, specific tones and frequencies, aromas, herbs and foods, movements like yoga and dancing, affirmations, symbols and mandalas, stones and crystals, moon phases....the list goes on.

More Chakras Charts and diagrams

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what is chakra

Connected energetically to the endocrine system, if there is a blockage in a chakra, the energy transmission suffers and illness, dis-ease or lack of well being can result.

Every pain or mal-function is a signal to give the related chakra attention. There are many chakra healing attunements and many ways to balance your chakras to get everything functioning at it's best so you can create everything you desire for your life.

It's all energy, starting with your thoughts, and it's all up to you how you manage it. Whether you are sick or well, sad or happy, bored or fulfilled, super sexy and dynamic is ALL UP TO YOU!

Start at the ROOT

Click here for 3 easy tips for strengthening your root chakra!

It reminds me of a line near the end of the Wizard of OZ. Just before Dorothy is ready to return home from OZ, Glinda tells her she always had the power to go back to Kansas, she had to learn it for herself.

So, if you're looking for you heart's desire, don't look any further than your own back yard or in the case of chakras...your own back :)

Here's your Ruby slippers...

Your Kansas awaits!

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