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When I talk about kundalini chakra, I am really referring to the very powerful, coiled kundalini energy that is stored in the root chakra at the base of your spine and how it rises up through your chakras, animating each one in a juicy uprising. Kundalini awakening is the release of this energy for the purpose of creating a blissful human experience. It is the beginning of the most satisfying journey you can undertake. Welcome goddess, I know you are ready...because you are here.

Do you sometimes feel that energy yearning to burst upward from the base of your spine?

......from down below....?  Sexual energy can also get caught up here, interfering with the flow of kundalini chakra energy. It feels like you need a release. The natural state of this energy is to flow upward through the chakras, finally through the crown chakra and divine connection. Infinite possibility, infinite blossoming! That's YOU darling. You will have your release goddess, through your kundalini chakra practise, like you've never had before, once you learn how to awaken kundalini.

Curious about the 'sexual chakra'?
Meet Svadhisthana

This is very exciting so buckle up sister!

And please share your kundalini experiences with me! I am so excited to be on this path, living in this time. This knowledge is so accessible to us now and with things accelerating the way they are on the planet it's important that we get our minds, bodies and spirits in harmony, living to the fullest we can. Let's lift each other up, there is plenty for all. As women, we can light the way for our sisters and inspire our men to greater purpose too. We are all so powerful and so divine, let's celebrate it! It is our time.

Get your kundalini energy moving right now with chakra yoga

Kundalini awakening can be activated in a number of ways.

There are movements and practices like kundalini yoga, meditation and reiki. Personally, I'm very visual so I like reminders all around me to stay on track with any personal development work. I love playing with my chakra stones and jewelry, dance is also a big one for me and I think for many women. Kundalini yoga benefits are far reaching as it blends movement, breathing and energy.

Start with your root chakra-
Affirmations and tips for healing

 Looking for a Kundalini stone?



Shiva Lingham

kundalini stone

Have fun looking through the rest of the site for more kundalini chakra goodies...Mantras, massage, kundalini yoga music, kundalini energy information, books. ALL SO DELICIOUS !!

Also, see my own story of kundalini awakening....

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