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Just the facts Goddess...

Here you'll find all the prominent aspects of this chakra also known as Sahasrara or the 7th chakra. This should be a handy reference page anytime you need to look up any of it's characteristics or healing modalities.

Crown Chakra Affirmations

"I am open to abundance"

"Love surrounds me and guides me"

"I trust my inner wisdom"

"I am love and light"

"I am aware in every moment"

Crown Chakra

A beautiful thousand petaled lotus is the symbol for this energy center.

Indicating a full blossoming of consciousness, the fulfillment of the divine kundalini energy's journey from the root chakra the base of the spine.

All chakras below this one should be awakened before this one to ensure a solid energetic foundation.

Sanskrit name:

Sahasrara – means “thousand fold”

Location: top of head

Function: spirituality, enlightenment, connectedness

Meditate on: “I know”

Personality: “Do I understand?”

Physical body connections:

-Dominant Sense: thought

-Systems: nervous

-Endocrine: pineal gland

-Food: fasting

Emotional body connections:

-Inner state: bliss

-Emotions: consciousness

Supporting colour: Violet

Calming colour: yellow

Sound support:

-Mantra: OM

-Note: B Sound: Ng

Yoga Poses for Crown Chakra: crane, shoulder stand, head stand

Earthly support:

-Herbs: Lavender, Neroli

-Essential Oils/Spices: lemon, frankincense, basil, cilantro

-Bach Flower: wild rose, wild chestnut

-Aromatherapy: lavender, ylang ylang

-Metal: gold

-Gemstones: amethyst, quartz, flourite, diamond

Element: thought

Connection in Nature: mountain peaks

Celestial Body: Uranus

Moon Phase: new

Do you yearn to share your knowledge, passion and vision with others?

Signs that your crown chakra may be weak: lack of joy, headaches, epilepsy, frustration, depression, feelings of separateness.

Signs that your crown chakra may be overactive: destructive behavior, psychosis, paralysis, high blood pressure.

Crown Chakra Goddess

Meditation is truly the key to unfolding Sahasrara. Images of the lotus flower can be beneficial visual aids in the process of awakening. Such as the seed of the lotus begins below the mud of the pond, rising through murky depths seeking a path to the light, leaves open once at the surface where they can bask in sunlight and gather the energy required for blossoming.... so is the journey of serpent power.

Click here for a beginner's meditation...

Kundalini energy is stored at the base of your spine in your root chakra. It's only divine purpose is to travel up through your chakra energy centers on the path known as sushumna animating all the other chakras to merge with universal consciousness.

Namaste dear ones....

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