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Be free, be sexy, be the goddess you came here to be!

Yes, it is you. No matter where you are in your life right now, balancing chakras holds the key to wellness and joy. These energy centers are powerful whether they are balanced or not. It's just that balanced chakras contribute to wellness. Your physical, emotional and spiritual health depends on the state of your chakras.

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Be free!

How about being free of pain or illness?

How about being fit and healthy for the rest of your life?

How about being free to express yourself fully, easily.

How about reclaiming your right to a fantastic, satisfying sex life?

Balancing chakras is a path and a journey through each of these divine energy vortexes that you already have. Balanced chakras are each functioning as they should, sending and receiving energy which creates your experience. Blocked chakras are actually choking or restricting the flow of energy. Unbalanced chakras can mean that while one is underactive, neighbouring chakras will actually compensate by becoming overactive.

Would you like to try a simple meditation to open your heart chakra?  Click here goddess :)

An example might be someone who has an overactive throat chakra who gossips and speaks too much and with anger may have an underactive heart chakra. They may have many sore throats, neck pain, etc. The key would be in strengthening the heart chakra.

Be sexy! 

Being powerfully in tune with your sexuality and expressing it in fulfilling ways starts with opening and balancing your sacral chakra. Because you're here, means you deserve pleasure my darling. It is that simple. This is a profound area for women, be gentle with yourself as you work through this one.

Click here to try some Sacral Chakra yoga poses

Be the goddess!

What does that mean for you? For me it can mean delighting in the feminine energy. Balancing chakras could be affirmations, dancing, massage or yoga to physically inspire my energy to move. I love working with crystals, chakra jewelry and aromatherapy. I love to seek out colour in my wardrobe and just go for it! I don't wait for special occasions to wear something that makes me feel like a goddess.

Just for fun, put on something that makes you feel like a goddess and go somewhere with dominant masculine energy like a hardware store, tire shop, anywhere you think could use a little delicious infusion of your being. Now, watch what happens... You are....SEEN. This is not about ego or attention it's about energetic presence my darling. You have it already, now beam it! In a world that has been so masculine and goal oriented, (no disrespect to all the yummy gents) it is absolutely time for the feminine energy to rise up and be seen. We are so juicy and powerful when we are in balance with the masculine.

chakra balancing women

Whatever is going on in your body, your relationships, your life is coming through your chakras. Sending and receiving, sending and want to be sure your chakras are doing their job very well and balancing chakras is where to do the work, the rest will fall into place.

Simply trust in your body's wisdom, she's telling you what she needs!

Namaste darlings....

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Most people do not have balanced chakras.

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