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Awareness, woman's intuition... can you see the beauty of your own truth my dear?

Just the facts Goddess...

Here you'll find all the prominent aspects of the intuitive chakra also known as Ajna chakra or the 6th chakra. This should be a handy reference page anytime you need to look up any of it's characteristics or healing modalities.

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

"I am willing to trust my intuition"

"My intuition and awareness is a gift"

"I focus on what I love and it comes to me"

"I love to play in my imagination"

"I connect easily to my spirit and higher power"

Third Eye Chakra

Headaches and trouble sleeping are common indicators that this blue chakra needs a tune up.

Why balance chakras??

Sanskrit name:

Ajna– means “awareness” "knowing"

Location: center of brow

Function: intuition, imagination, awareness

Meditate on: “I see”

Personality: “Do I have awareness?”

Physical body connections:

-Dominant Sense: intuition

-Systems: endocrine

-Endocrine: pituitary

-Food: vegetables

Emotional body connections:

-Inner state: knowing

-Emotions: clarity

Supporting colour: indigo

Calming colour: orange

Sound support:

-Mantra: OM

-Note: A Sound: Mm

Yoga Poses for Third Eye Chakra: downward facing dog, shoulder stand, plough,

Earthly support:

-Herbs: St. John's Wort, lemon balm

-Essential Oils/Spices: lemongrass, bay leaf, tea tree, marjoram

-Bach Flower: crab apple, walnut

-Aromatherapy: lemongrass, violet

-Metal: silver

-Gemstones: opal, blue sapphire, tourmaline

Element: light

Connection in Nature: night sky, stars

Celestial Body: Jupiter

Moon Phase: waning

Signs that your third eye chakra may be weak: headaches, sinus or ear problems, nightmares, poor visual perception, fear of success, non-assertiveness, weak concentration.

Signs that your third eye chakra may be overactive: sleep disorders, manipulative behaviour, overly sensitive to others feelings, spiritual arrogance, attention deficit disorders.

Third Eye Chakra Goddess

A person with a balanced intuitive chakra will sleep well, embrace success, have clear vision, active imagination (this is a very good thing!), mental clarity, connect easily with higher realms of consciousness and be open and interested in developing psychic abilities.

Extrasensory (ESP) and clairaudience (hearing beyond the normal range) are also possible when the this energy center is opened!

Imagination Creates Worlds!

In this earthly world we have not always been taught to trust our intuition or spend too much time in our imagination. Our society has placed much value in economic pursuits and has devalued artistic endeavors in the process.

Would you like to smile more??

Woman's Intuition? 6th chakra please.

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blue lotus flower

When the 6th chakra is active the fires of your inner awareness will be ignited goddess! You will see beyond previous perceptions and into a place of infinite possibilities. This perception from a higher vantage point breaks old patterns of thought and realization that, once expanded, will never return to their original state.

For ideas on strengthening this intuitive center, click here...

It's time to trust your inner vision. The world is experiencing dramatic shifts and we need all the clarity we can muster. If you have a great imagination, powerful intuition and strong “knowing” I urge you to seek out those who understand it and who can support you and nourish those innate abilities. Namaste sisters... I see you.

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