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Just the facts Goddess...

Here you'll find all the prominent aspects of the yellow chakra also known as Manipura or 3rd chakra. This should be a handy reference page anytime you need to look up any of it's characteristics or healing modalities.

Trust yourself first...

Growth connected to this energy center means you'll easily "trust your gut" to lead you in a path that supports your divine purpose in life.

yellow lotus flower
Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

"I naturally trust my own guidance"

"I respect and love myself deeply"

"I am excited to be on my path"

"I am sure of myself and my direction"

"I believe in my own personal power"

"I trust in love"

Belly and digestion issues reflect challenges with the 3rd chakra. Are you living with purpose? Do you trust your own personal power?

Sanskrit name:

Manipura– means “shining jewel”

Location: just above navel

Function: vitality, personal power, digestion

Meditate on: “I do”

Personality: “Am I connected to my will?”

Physical body connections:

-Dominant Sense: sight

-Systems: digestive, muscular

-Endocrine: pancreas

-Food: grain

Emotional body connections:

-Inner state: laughter

-Emotions: self control, anger

Supporting colour: yellow

Calming colour: violet

Sound support:

-Mantra: RAM

-Note: E Sound: Ah

Yoga Poses for Solar Plexus Chakra:

Cobra, Cow, Camel

Earthly support:

-Herbs:fennel, Chamomile

-Essential Oils/Spices: lemon, anise, cardamom

-Bach Flower: impatiens, scleranthus

-Aromatherapy: sage, geranium

-Metal: iron

-Gemstones: amber, citrine, tiger's eye, moonstone

Element: fire

Connection in Nature: sunlight, fire, yellow flowers

Celestial Body: Mars Moon Phase: waxing

Signs that your Solar Plexus Chakra may be weak:             Poor digestion or digestive disorders, fatigue, insecurity, depression, mistrust, lack of purpose in life.

Signs that your Solar Plexus Chakra may be overactive:   Need to control others and situations, ulcers, migraines, domination, aggression, arrogance, rage, thoughtlessness.

Problems in your gut darlings? Digestion difficult? You're not alone.

Many are suffering and many are heading to the drugstore, reaching for something that will quiet the symptoms. Your body is sending you a message!! How about going to the energetic core of the issue once and for all? How about putting the energy into finding purpose and passion in your life instead of merely finding relief? Ready? Good. The world needs you at your best, now more than ever.

Solar Plexus chakra goddess

You have everything you need to create lifelong satisfaction, purpose and fulfillment... just get moving!

How about doing yoga? Or taking the dance class you've always wanted to? This is GREAT for digestion!! I started latin dancing in 2003 and became absolutely hooked on the feeling of moving my body and feeling amazing the next day. It's like a massage for your digestive system, you'll lose weight more easily as it also revs up your metabolism. So get out there and find one you like darlings and feel free to report back. There's lots of rhythms to explore and your body will thank you.

Once things get “moving” in your body they move in your spirit too. Your life is a mirror of what's going on in your body it's telling you what your soul wants, sometimes through a contrasting situation of what you DON"T want.... Your job is to listen (to intuitions, nudges, through meditation) and take some INSPIRED ACTION, no matter how small.

You will find yourself more inspired and the universe will move to conspire with you. An idea will blossom and an article, program, email or person will show up that's in alignment with making it happen. This is no accident! It's pure solar plexus chakra power and it's you so be aware and take some action when it happens.

Now...the big question. What do you want? You're not here to impress anyone. If money, time and all those other dreary details were no object, what would YOU spend your days doing? What are your gifts? What is YOUR magnificent piece in all of this?!?

Namaste darlings...

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