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Just the facts Goddess...

Here you'll find all the prominent aspects of the 4th chakra also known as Anahata or the green chakra . This should be a handy reference page anytime you need to look up any of it's characteristics or healing modalities.

Heart Chakra Affirmations

“I completely love and accept myself”

"I am perfect just as I am"

“I am willing to love others as they are”

“Love is everywhere”

“My heart is open to love”

“I love who I am”

Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra is about deep, unconditional love. The love of creation itself. Forgiveness is essential in balancing this energy center as it is a gateway for all the others.

See the beauty in you, feel love and forgiveness there first and it will radiate outward into your experience.

Remember, others are a reflection of you!

Sanskrit name:

Anahata– means “flawless”

Location: center of chest near sternum

Function: love, forgiveness, connection, respiration

Meditate on: “I love”

Personality: “Do I love and accept myself?”

Physical body connections:

-Dominant Sense: touch

-Systems: respiratory, circulatory, immune

-Endocrine: thymus

-Food: vegetables

Emotional body connections:

-Inner state: compassion

-Emotions: trust, love

Supporting colour: green

Calming colour: pink

Sound support:

-Mantra: YAM

-Note: F Sound: A

Yoga Poses for Heart Chakra: cobra, camel, fish

Earthly support:

-Herbs: thyme, melissa

-Essential Oils/Spices: rose, jasmine,saffron, tarragon

-Bach Flower: red chestnut, chicory

-Aromatherapy: rose, melissa

-Metal: copper

-Gemstones: rose quartz, jade, emerald, peridot

Element: air

Connection in Nature: forests, fields.

Celestial Body: Venus

Moon Phase: new and full

Signs that your heart chakra may be weak: Loneliness, lack of self esteem, paranoia, indecisiveness, fear of letting go, heart problems, anxiety, mistrust.

Signs that your heart chakra may be overactive: Co-dependency, control issues, lack of discretion, overly trusting, reckless decisions, breathing problems, over-promising.

Want to try an Easy heart chakra meditation ?

green lotus flower

Open your heart.... how about starting with deep unconditional love for yourself, for your body? Have you ever been grateful to your feet and legs for carrying you around all day? For your gorgeous behind for providing a loving seat cushion for your frame to rest on? Grateful for your eyes that can see beauty in all things? There are places in the world where women ONLY love EVERY part of their bodies. No distortions from the media about what shape or weight we should be. You can love your body just the way it is and begin healing your heart chakra.

 Enter the room heart first and feel the compassion for each person as they do their best. Love them anyways. Start with yourself, fill your cup so you have lots to share.

As I write this, I am challenged to love more fully too. The universe occasionally tosses me a curve to see if I am walking the walk. And I know, it's not always easy. That's ok. Find a person in your life who really gets you, really sees your heart and thank them for being in your life and reminding you about your beautiful heart :)

I'd be willing to bet you are that for someone too.

Namaste darlings....

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