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Just the facts Goddess...

Here you'll find all the prominent aspects of the sacral chakra also known as Svadhisthana, the orange chakra or 2nd chakra. This should be a handy reference page anytime you need to look up any of it's characteristics or healing modalities.

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

"I am exactly where I need to be in my life"

"I belong"

"I deserve pleasure"

"I love and accept myself, I am perfect just the way I am"

"I easily allow pleasure and sensuality into my life"

"I am in charge of my own healthy, sexual fulfillment"

Sacral chakra

This is quite literally the cup of life, right from the womb creating life to the center where all your creative energy is birthed.

Strongly connected to issues around sexuality, relationships and sensuality. The sacral chakra is one for the ladies especially. Healing here can create profound life changes. Enjoy the ride ;)

Sanskrit name:

Svadhisthana – means “sweetness” “dwelling place of self”

Location: lower abdomen

Function: relationships, connection, pleasure, sexuality

Meditate on: “I Feel”

Personality: “Do I belong?”

Physical body connections:

-Dominant Sense: taste

-Systems: reproduction, skin, assimilation

-Endocrine: Gonads/Ovaries

-Food: liquid

Emotional body connections:

-Inner state: tears

-Emotions: intimacy, desire

Supporting colour: orange

Calming colour: indigo

Sound support:

-Mantra: VAM

-Note: D Sound: Oo

Yoga Poses for Sacral Chakra:

twisting triangle, pose of shiva, goddess

Earthly support:

-Herbs: parsley, nettle

-Essential Oils/Spices: vanilla, bitter orange, pepper, sandalwood

-Bach Flower: oak, olive

-Aromatherapy: sandalwood, ylang ylang

-Metal: Tin

-Gemstones: carnelian, fire opal, gold topaz coral

Element: water

Connection in Nature: flowing water, moonlight

Celestial Body: Saturn

Moon Phase: waxing

Signs that your Sacral Chakra may be weak: Sexual problems, lack of desire or ability to experience pleasure, sexual dysfunction or illness, jealousy, anger, problems with bladder, small intestines, lower back pain.

Signs that your Sacral Chakra may be overactive: Addictions, aggression, desperate need for approval, dangerous or unhealthy sexual behavior, sexual ambivalence, feelings of guilt.

Sacral chakra goddess

All the chakras will give us clear signals

when they are out of balance

It's up to us to listen and respond. Meditation is great place to start, yoga too. The sacral chakra will scream loud and clear when she's not happy because you'll find yourself feeling angry, jealous...

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When Svadhisthana is balanced... you are happy, vivacious, sexually fulfilled, relationship connections are solid and you experience pleasure easily and without guilt.

Be gentle with yourself sister, to start choose 3 or 4 modalities from above and start there. There is no right or wrong way, pick what resonates with you. You may choose a yoga position for this second chakra, burn some vanilla candles and listen to a 2nd chakra guided meditation. Whatever you choose is what you need. Give yourself this gift and take this time for you goddess, and it will return it's investment 10 fold in your relationships.


What is it for you? Think about this one. Make a list of all the things that you find pleasurable, just you. And DO some!

I love to go downtown, get a really yummy mocha with whip cream (life is too short to say no to whip cream) and walk along the waterfront. Next I go up to my favourite street and window shop. I wander through art galleries, shops, I have spontaneous joyful conversations with others and something magical always happens. When I come home I am refreshed and feeling like I did something just for me.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one to nurture, the rest are reflections of that relationship. If you want your outer relationships to blossom then start with your relationship with yourself and your body. Namaste darlings...

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