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Erin Heaven is a Clairvoyant Chakra and Aura Healer, who has been performing Chakra Clearings for clients around the world for over 7 years. She has over 300 testimonials available on her website, so you can be confident in her abilities. She would love the opportunity to heal you! Erin is so confident in her ability to heal you, that she offers an unheard of Money Back Guarantee.

Erin performs her services at a distance, over the phone. She will establish a psychic link with you over the phone, which will allow her to ‘see’ the emotions, traumas, and events that are blocking your chakras. After establishing this link and analyzing your chakras, she will help you to release them, thus allowing her to clear the blockages. The effects of this clearing will be felt almost instantly. You will feel a sense of clarity, and a sense of a burden being lifted away from you.

More information on Erin’s services, including information on rates and discounts, are available on her website,

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Be sure to watch some of Erin’s video testimonials, available here:

In addition to Chakra Clearing, Erin also teaches a series of 8 classes that can teach you about Chakra Clearing and Clairvoyance. You can learn to reach out and connect more deeply with some of the root principles that are at work in the proper maintenance of your chakras! For more information, including testimonials for Erin’s classes, see

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*See Erin’s website for details about Money Back Guarantee

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