Immorti DNA Activation

by Ann Concannon
(United States)

Golden DNA activation and clearing work clears the chakras in your subtle body and morphogenic field. Ancient texts refer to an abundance of chakras throughout the subtle body.

The chakra system connects our various subtle bodies, not only to our physical body but also to the source of 'all that is'. The more you clear, the more you connect to your potential. Thoughts and emotions affect health. Clearings and dna activation frees us from unpleasant experiences and people and improves our overall health and mental attitude.

The Radial Body is our pre-sound, pre-light body, the radiating fields of energy and life force around and within us. Distortions in the Radial affects the condition of the Radial Body, our manifestation arena.

Golden DNA activation uses the Codes of AH with optical pineal induction. By clearing and realigning distortions, you control the opening and closing of your Radial Body capsules.

Master of Arts Degree, Human Behavior
Meditation Instructor, Association for Research & Enlightenment
Certified Ashtanga and Kriya Yoga Instructor, MMC
Guest Lecturer Naropa Institute
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
Member, Yoga Alliance
Actualism Instructor
Life Coach

Sessions available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons.
call 208-720-4806 or

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Mar 26, 2015
by: Narissa

Always great to have new practitioners making themselves available to those who are ready for it :)
Welcome Ann! Both your sites look great. A quick login there for access.

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