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Are you bursting with the energy of possibility!?!

People who have strong Manipura chakra energy are well aware of their potential and on the lookout for possibilities at all times. They are clear with their goals and have strong physical cores and willpower. The fire element of this yellow chakra fuels their confidence and excitement for making things happen.

Does this chakra

need some healing?

Difficulty expressing your feelings?

Anxiety, stomach problems, or heartburn?

Doubting yourself?

Giving in to others too easily?

Trouble accepting criticism?

yellow lotus flower

Tip #1

Grapefruit...lemons...all the citrus fruits are delicious tasting and smell like they are full of life. Grapefruit is particularly beneficial for the manipura chakra. You could eat half a grapefruit with breakfast or use an aromatherapy diffuser, find a nice essential oil blend with grapefruit and fill your space with healing.

BONUS TIP  .... squeeze 'em if ya got em! Squeeze the juice of 1 or 2 lemons into a pretty glass jug and keep it somewhere visible where you can sip the healing all day! This will keep you hydrated and alkaline.

Tip #2

Yellow Chakra massage... getting in touch with your body is a big part of chakra healing. Lay flat on the floor, knees up. First rub your hands together to amplify the energy then lay them palms down on your navel. Imagine a ball of yellow light, thick, rich color, swirling beneath your hands. With your dominant hand move in a clockwise motion, massaging your manipura chakra (and belly!) for a few minutes. This feels nice and is also great for assisting digestion.

Tip# 3

Solar Plexus Yoga...

Cow pose is a great beginner's yoga pose. Simply get on all fours, let your beautiful belly relax, gently arching your back downward to accomodate. Look up towards the ceiling and revel in the relaxation of your solar plexus chakra and your mid section. Hold for one minute and return to a straight back position, face and eyes looking at the floor, 2 breaths here and repeat several times. This facilitates the movement of energy through your 3rd chakra.

woman doing cow pose

Looking for more chakra yoga?

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