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Woman's Intuition??

Imagine if you knew the intuitive power of your ajna chakra and followed it's guidance for a day... a week... What would happen? The phrase "woman's intuition" has been thrown around for decades, maybe longer, though how much weight is it really given? Intuition isn't exclusive to us ladies, the gents have it too. We may be able to access it a little easier is all.

So, how much do you listen to your inner guidance?

blue lotus flower chakra

Are YOU listening to YOU?

Do you:

-have difficulty concentrating?

-find it hard to meditate successfully?

-lack faith in everything?

-have trouble finding your path in life and feeling purposeful?

-have trouble with imagination and fantasy?

-experience headaches, vision problems or sinus trouble?

Then it's time to give this energy center some serious lovin'.

Woman's intuition has played a huge part in history. Powerful women relied on it and powerful men relied on that guidance for many things. My own intuition was challenged my entire life. Now I listen to it more than ever and trust the wisdom of my third eye chakra.

Do you feel an inspiration? A nudge? An idea from "nowhere"?

Go with it! That's your intuition guiding you towards greatness.


Work hard, sleep deeply and play often!

Doing things that are playful stimulates your imagination. This is great for harmonizing your third eye chakra. It also stimulates your immune system and helps you manage stress. I love playing with crystals and music.

So what's fun for you?

If you haven't thought about it for awhile, get a pen and paper, a tablet and a stylus or some charcoal and a flat rock and start writing sister.... do you like sports, art, music and dancing, volunteering, crafts? Once you have a list of even 3 or 4 make a plan to start doing them. Community and recreational centers are great, there's always classes of all kinds to take. Try something new, go alone or with a friend and....

be fearless!!

Remember it's important for each of your 7 chakras to be balanced as they affect each other when they're not.

I recommend using a high quality essential oil blend containing patchouli for using while meditating for the ajna chakra.

Need headache relief?

Recently, for a terrible headache I put the oil blend on the corner of a facecloth and laid down with the cloth on my face, the aroma close enough to my nose to smell but not be overwhelming. Originally, I was headed for pharmaceutical pain relievers and did NOT need them! 20 minutes, no more headache - one happy goddess :)

woman with headache
no pills

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