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Let's get started, how to meditate for beginners is not a mysterious secret. It can be simple and deeply rewarding. Is it something you feel called to do? Perhaps every time you heard someone speak about meditation you felt a little nudge to investigate. Even stronger, maybe a full on jab to your spirit telling you cultivate your own meditation practise. And here you are, good.

Great news. It's simple, free and good for you.

You knew that already right? The meditation health benefits are tremendous, and many of them are immediate. Stress relief, improved cardiovascular function, lower blood pressure, increased serotonin levels. Meditation even assists in weight loss and the list goes on even for those new to meditation.

My interest in chakra meditation and why I wanted to write about how to meditate for beginners is so that together we can apply the practise of meditation to the chakras. For me, it's like having another great tool for chakra healing. You are your own guru. Chakra healing meditation can focus on one at time or all of the chakras. If I'm experiencing a particular ailment or perceived problem in my body, it's really energetic in nature. By meditating I can use my own thought energy to heal and rebalance the chakra associated with the area of my body.

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Now, for the lesson in how to meditate for beginners. Let's get you started and we'll chat more after. This time is just for you, make sure it's quiet and you won't be interrupted by anything. Let those around you know how important this time is for you so they can respect it. The world will bumble right along without you, I promise. If you'd like to adjust lighting, light candles or incense, add some gentle music, please do so now. It's your experience goddess, there is no right or wrong way so find what fits for you.

First: Get comfortable. Sit crossed legged on a cushion on the floor or if you're like me, on a chair that allows the spine to be fairly straight with feet flat on the floor, hands relaxed on your lap. Eyes closed.

Next: Breathe sister! Slow, intentional breaths. Take a couple of deep ones at the start to cleanse. Feel the breath in your body and appreciate the benefits. Now: Feel your feet as they connect to the floor, and through that to mother earth. This is important to feel grounded in your energy. Remember how powerful you are. You're about to heal yourself with your own energy and the entire universe is on your side. Always be gentle with yourself, especially as you learn how to meditate.


Visualize: one technique is to imagine a ball of white light in your hands. White light is healing energy you can apply like a balm to your chakras and your physical body. Is there a particular area in your body that is tight, ailing, feeling stuck? Go to it with the ball of white light and make a massaging motion. Touch your body directly if you wish or hover a couple of inches over the chakra connected with area, motioning small circle as though you're gently rubbing in some loving lotion.

Massage with the white light for as long as you feel necessary. When you're done, give gratitude to your entire body for all it's magnificence and perfection. Open your eyes and feel the refreshment, the lovely gift you just gave yourself.

Nice work!  I'll bet you feel better already hmm? Fabulous. When learning how to meditate for beginners, remember how powerful your beliefs are. If you believe you feel better, you do! For example, anytime someone is unwell around me I say out loud, “I have an immune system like a brick wall”. I feel the excitement of that phrase knowing that it is my belief of that that keeps me well. What I focus on is what I get more of. How truly awesome is that?

There are many, many ways to meditate. Lots of teachers, methods and schools of thought on how to meditate for beginners. I encourage you to explore and find what you like and what works the best for you.

Be well Chakra Lovers :)

Share your wisdom!

So many are just beginning on this path, let's share what we already know and light the way. What's your favourite meditation practise? Share it here.

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