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Defined as celestial, spiritual or immaterial, the word "ethereal" conjures up different images for each of us. Ethereal crystal healing and the idea of it can definitely take some of us out of our comfort zone. Let's go together shall we?

Ethereal crystal healing for your chakras is done with the intention of restoring balance and well being. Your body and it's energetic systems are an absolute miracle, having the ability to repair and restore when properly supported.

natural crystal formation

Crystals and stones from the earth have energetic properties as well and can magnify, balance and calm your own energies. Some of the stones are very old, some have traveled through space to get here. Think of them as ancient energetic beings, with unique healing properties, here to assist you.

The healing properties of stones can be powerfully related to each chakra as you'll see below.

Choosing Chakra Stones for healing

It is said that they choose you... I totally agree. I've got a clear quartz pendant that I was drawn to buy when I was 16. I barely had the money to buy her at the time but I knew I needed her. I wore her most of the time for years and even though she was "lost" twice she reappeared.

Funny, I didn't even know I was interested in ethereal crystal healing then or healing at all! Yet, there she was. I definitely always loved rocks, stones and jewelry but it's only now I'm realizing the depth and the reasons why I'm drawn to certain gemstones at particular times.

Trust your intuition goddess :)

It's all in the choosing!

When choosing crystals or gemstones for healing, allow yourself to connect with them. Hold them and see which ones feel the best for you. Size, shape or color don't have any bearing on their strength.

Once at home, store them lovingly somewhere you can see them often. I keep some around the edge of my bathtub, some are in a beautiful dish, some in the area I create chakra jewelry. I'm so happy to have all the chakra stones around me and I wear some almost every day.

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Cleansing and dedicating your crystals

Crystals that are new to you and meant for ethereal crystal healing need to be cleansed and dedicated before using for your own chakra balancing. Most hard crystals and stones can be cleansed by putting them in water with a little sea salt and left in the sun or moonlight.

After that you can dedicate the crystal with loving intention or even a specific purpose or goal. Simply hold the cleansed piece and speak your intention or affirmation out loud.

 Here are some of the crystals and chakra stones connected with the chakras. For more information on a specific chakra, click on the photos. Enjoy!

root chakra lotus

Garnet    Hematite

Ruby       Smokey Quartz

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