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Scents are a powerful part of our lives

Often they are associated with memories...

the fragrance of a lover, our favorite food, hot coffee, ocean air... any of these can take us on a journey back to a special moment or forward with anticipation to the next.

Would you like to learn more about the healing properties of essential oils?

Aromatherapy and chakras are natural partners. The essential oils used in aromatherapy come from plant sources around the world and some in your back yard, rose, lavender, oregano, thyme... Each chakra has specific beneficial oils for balancing, clearing unwanted energy, and healing.

 This knowledge is ancient, wise and powerful and you can learn to access it very easily. Learn to tap into the healing power of the plant based amazing essential oils.

-See which essential oils to use for each chakra below-

A few things to remember:

-always choose high quality essential oils and carrier oils from a trusted source.

-only some oils can be taken orally.

-for use on skin, dilute pure essential oil in a carrier oil (sweet almond, jojoba,avocado). 3% to 97% carrier oil is fine.

-use a proper aromatherapy diffuser to disperse the oil in to the air, maintaining all the beneficial properties of the oil.

-read the label to be sure if it's pure, if it's already blended AND if it's for diffuser use or for use on the body.

2 ways to use essential oils for aromatherapy  and chakras

1) Chakra Aromatherapy:

Select the Chakra you're focusing on and select an appropriate oil or blend of oils.

Burners and warmers are not recommended as they destroy some therapeutic qualities and send carcinogens into the air.

Cool diffusion

is the safest way to diffuse essential oils into the air and maximize their benefits.

2) Chakra Massage:

Choose which Chakra you're focusing on, you can see below some oils to choose from.

Mix your desired blend of essential oil with carrier oil, 3% to 97% as above (this would be roughly 1 or 2 drops per teaspoon). Make enough for 1 or 2 massage sessions. For a full body massage you may use about 100 ml or 6 tablespoons. Warm to slightly above average body temperature by setting your bottle of blended oil in a cup of hot water for a few minutes. It's good to make sure the oil doesn't feel cold to your massage recipient ;)

aromatherapy and chakras

Here's a handy list of oils associated with each chakra:

red chakra lotus

Clove  Cedarwood    

Ylang Ylang   Vetivert   

Cinnamon        Vanilla

Chakra Lover Root blend

orange chakra lotus

Sandalwood     Pepper

Neroli     Orange

Ylang Ylang      Jasmine

Rose       Lemongrass

Chakra Lover Sacral blend

yellow chakra lotus

Grapefruit     Geranium

Juniper     Anise 

  Lavender    Rosemary

Chakra Lover

Solar Plexus blend

heart chakra lotus

Rose      Melissa  

Neroli       Jasmine

Eucalyptus  Pine

Chakra Lover Heart blend

throat chakra lotus

Chamomile     Lavender

Rosemary      Geranium  

Peppermint    Eucalyptus

Chakra Lover Throat blend

third eye chakra lotus

Lemongrass     Violet

Frankincense       Basil

  Patchouli  Myrrh

Chakra Lover Brow blend

crown chakra lotus


Ylang Ylang   Jasmine

Rosewood     Linden

Chakra lover Crown blend

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