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Chakra massage could be one of the most profound experiences you can have.  We are creatures that love touch, it stimulates our immune system, relaxes or excites, brings healing and can connect us deeply with ourselves and others. A practitioner with knowledge of the body's chakras will be connecting with you at an energetic level as well.

  I'm going to tell you more about chakra massage and give you lots of inspiration but first let's have a bit of instant gratification shall we? This one you can do all by yourself.... ;)

Chakra foot massage: Prepare a foot bath, a small basin, tub, bowl big enough for you to comfortably fit both feet. It's a good idea to lay a towel down under the basin to protect your floor and it gives you a place to set your feet to air dry after.

Add a couple tablespoons of epsom salts or sea salt (I've also found coarse sea salt in bulk at the grocery store) and fill with water just a little hotter than you think you can stand because it's going to cool a bit as we prepare our gorgeous feet.

foot massage

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Commit to NOT answering your phone...  In the words of my mother “if it's important, they'll call back” or if indeed the world will stop turning or someone close to you is about to transition to the afterlife, give birth or win a Grammy.... have the phone close by.

Use a pure essential oil blended in a carrier oil :

  • mix yourself, 5 drops essential oil per teaspoon of carrier oil like jojoba
  • buy them already blended

A few drops of pure essential oil in the water is nice too. Using the oil blend,  massage one foot at a time, to lovingly prepare it for it's mini spa. After the first foot is done, place it gently into the water and do the second.

Stay with your feet in the bath for as long as the water feels hot, maybe 10-20 minutes. Treat yourself to a meditation, eat some fruit, listen to relaxing music, read something inspiring (no work,news or trashy mags!) Chakra affirmations are fantastic here too.

If your focusing on your root chakra for example, you can say, “I am safe, I am grounded and I trust in the process of life”. Repeat in your head or out loud and really let the words soak into your being. Two root chakra oils are Cedarwood and Patchouli.

Colour therapy also supports this, got a red towel or blanket to cozy up in? Eat a red apple while soaking... When you're done your feet will feel great and the pores are open and ready to receive. Do another round of massage with the oils before you put your socks on.

There's a time to call a professional....

woman receiving massage

Chakra massage for the body: You can receive a massage to energize and balance all the chakras or focus on one at a time. It can involve essential oil blends, gemstones, incense, chakra tea, music, affirmations. Be sure that you are well hydrated before and throughout treatment.

The difference between a chakra massage and a regular massage is that the practitioner or person giving the treatment has knowledge of the locations and functions of the chakras and use of additional modalities such as oils, frequencies, etc. They will:

  • ground their own energy before starting
  • make sure the room is warm enough
  • properly connect with you
  • align with your intentions for healing
  • work with intention to balance and heal each chakra
  • facilitate your connection with your body's wisdom

Unwanted energies are cleared with counterclockwise movement with the hands, balance is restored with clockwise movements.

While in a colour therapy study, I had a root chakra massage to close my red chapter of the course. I was immersed in red energy using a red blanket, root chakra singing bowls cd, I had red energy oil blends in my diffuser and the person giving the massage also used those same blends in her carrier oil. Coincidentally, the room I was in also had a red rug under the massage bed (genius) and a red lamp.

Strengthening the root chakra is essential for everyone, anytime as we can all use more grounding in this time of intense global shift. This IS about YOU! Remember to let others know you are not available when you are giving these gifts to yourself. You will BE a greater gift for doing it.

If you're not accustomed to spoiling yourself and    investing in your own well being,
stick around sister!

I can show you LOTS of ways (I may have been Cleopatra in another life...) including chakra healing with gemstones and affirmations for all your chakras to learning about the incredible healing power of essential oils and getting away from relying on medications, etc.

I'm here to remind you of your greatness and inspire you to live your life fully.

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