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I have to admit that even just reading affirmations feels good. When we speak them out loud they are the most powerful, writing them is also excellent as it creates a mind-body connection. Use a mirror when possible, you'll be amazed with yourself. Notice which ones evoke emotion or discomfort, likely they hold a special message for you.

Let these spiritual affirmations go to the core of each chakra.

Root chakra

- belonging, safety, trust, connection to the earth.

"I am here in my body and all is well"

"I connect easily and often to nature"

"I am safe always, I am loved"

"I trust in the process of life"

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Sacral chakra 

-  feelings, relationships, pleasure, creativity, sexuality.

"I love to feel pleasure in my body"

"I easily accept pleasure"

"I am surrounded by relationships that feel good"

"I am a sensual and creative being"

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Solar Plexus chakra

-  personal power, self control, vitality, purpose, direction.

"I easily manifest my desires"

"I trust my own guidance"

"I am a powerful creator of my life"

"I feel great purpose and passion for life"

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Spiritual affirmations of the heart bridge the lower 3 chakras to the upper three.

Heart chakra

-  love, compassion for self and others, forgiveness, deep connection.

"I completely love and accept myself"

"It is easy to feel compassion for others"

"I accept myself and others easily"

"Love is abundant in my world"

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Throat chakra

-  communication, truth, expression, independence.

"I speak my truth with confidence"

"I express myself in loving ways"

"My voice is truthful and strong"

"I communicate with clarity and ease"

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Third Eye chakra

-  intuition, awareness, imagination, intelligence.

"I am aware in every moment"

"My imagination is blissful"

"I trust my intuition"

"My vision is powerfully understood"

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Crown chakra

-  connection with higher self, spirit, source, universe, God or divine wisdom.

"I connect easily with spirit"

"I am sure of my inner knowing"

"My experience is abundant"

"I am pure light and love"

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