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Each chakra color tells a story about who you are. Colors of chakra are as definitive as personalities.

Think back in your life, have you been drawn to a favorite color? I was always drawn to blue which is the color of the throat chakra which is powerfully connected to communication. I love words and I love singing even more.

It works the other way too, sometimes we have an aversion or dislike for a particular color. That's likely your spirit nudging you in a direction that needs some attention. Green=heart chakra=compassion for example.

See the colors of chakra below, click the image to go to a complete page for that chakra to learn more about it.

Namaste sweet ones...

colors of chakra
colours of chakra

Red is a grounding color. Wearing it or having it in your environment will help you feel more stable and energized.

Healing with orange means you'll cultivate creativity and sensuality with ease.

chakra colours
chakra colours

Do you have a power color? Mine is coral. Anytime I wear a top this color I get compliments, I feel amazing, the world smiles.... it's just a big win/win. Find your color and pick up a few pieces, tops, scarves, jewelry. Then watch it happen :)

chakra colors
chakra colors

I took a colour personality test and discovered that my strongest colour energies are violet #1 and orange #2. This also corresponds to the crown and sacral chakras which for me means primarily I operate from a visionary/creative place. Never...ever boring.

chakra color

I've always taken

"The Wizard of Oz" very seriously.

I believe in the idea of the rainbow and I've spent my entire life trying to get over it.   -Judy Garland

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