Recognizing Chakra Imbalances

Do you sometimes feel like something's not quite right?  Chakra imbalances can present themselves in a myriad of ways. Let's shine the light on some common signs of trouble when your chakra energy centers are not aligned.

I'll also give you some great tips on getting them balanced.

1st - Root Chakra

root chakra healing tree

First chakra imbalances:

-you don't feel safe

-mistrust in the process of life and of others.

-disconnection with the earth and nature

-worried about basic needs


-physically: pain in lower back, elimination problems, ailments in legs or feet.

What to do....

The very best thing to do to strengthen the root chakra is to GET OUTSIDE. Go for a walk, plant something, weed or work in the garden, stand in the grass in bare feet, sit on the ground, go for a picnic, in a field, by the ocean, in a forest....

Just reconnect with the earth, you'll be amazed. I also love yoga poses for grounding. And colour therapy - RED. Protein is also important for this chakra so be sure to get enough. Find what works for you and stay with it for a week or so, things will shift. For more ideas...

2nd- Sacral Chakra

Second chakra imbalances:

-lack of creativity

-trouble expressing desire or sensuality

-anger or jealousy

-trouble enjoying yourself or experiencing pleasure easily

-physically: fertility or sexual problems, kidney or bladder issues

What to do....

Find ways to CONNECT WITH YOUR CREATIVITY. Choose one activity that you feel you can be creative doing. Music, dancing, singing, art, sewing, knitting, cooking, building something, writing, collaborating with someone can be fun too. Maybe brainstorm an idea together and really let yourself get lost in the creative process. Orange foods will support you too. More ideas...

3rd - Solar Plexus Chakra

Third chakra imbalances:

-lack of self confidence or decision making

-no  sense of purpose


-aggression or arrogance

-physically: slow metabolism, weight gain, poor digestion.

What to do....

LAUGH!!! This chakra is mobilized by laughter, truly the best medicine (my Nana....right again) Funny movies, hang out with funny people. My personal fave that is guaranteed to pull me out of any funk is funny cat videos. They're so ridiculous.  Engage your core muscles with some exercise. Try surrounding yourself with yellow, it's not a color we normally choose for decor but it always feels good! Daffodils, yellow blanket, towels or pillows. I'm a big fan of colored glass, I usually pick it up at the thrift store and it's on pretty much every window ledge in the house. I think if I feel better at home I'm more likely to radiate that into the world when I'm interacting with others.  More ideas...

4th - Heart Chakra

Fourth chakra imbalances:

-lack of compassion for self or others

feeling like there is not enough LOVE in your life


-selfishness or intolerance

-heart, circulatory or skin problems

bleeding heart blossom

What to do....

I know you know.... LOVE YOURSELF sister. That's where it starts. Is there some way you could be more loving with yourself? Treating your body a  little kinder by resting more, eating healthier and exercising? This WILL radiate outward to your relationships. The more you love yourself, the more lovable you are. More on opening your heart chakra...

5th - Throat Chakra

Ocean of truth

Fifth chakra imbalances:

-trouble expressing or communicating

-weak voice

-lying (even white ones are no good)

-talking too much (not listening)

-physically: sore throat, neck or shoulders. Ear trouble, thyroid imbalance.

What to do....

Be clear about what you need, SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. Speak with integrity and you have no need to worry about what others think. The right people will stay, the others will go. I love singing as a way to keep this chakra healthy. A good cup of peppermint tea and a lapis necklace never hurt either ;) Explore the site for more ways to support this chakra...

6th - Third Eye Chakra

blue and green eye

Sixth chakra imbalances:

-not trusting your intuition

-feeling that imagination is unimportant

-lack of knowledge of self

-fear of success

-physically: headaches, sinus trouble, hearing problems, sleep disorders, weak concentration, overly sensitive to others emotions

What to do....

To thy known self be true....TRUST YOUR INTUITION MORE. It's ok to say "I don't feel like it". If a situation feels not quite right or if you feel a different choice should be made, then do it. You don't have to justify it. This is powerful guidance at work. Generations past trusted this wisdom to save lives and rule empires. You'll see that when you do, there's always a reason. More on this chakra...

7th - Crown Chakra

lotus on water

Seventh chakra imbalances:

-feeling of separateness or lonliness

-depression or escapism

-feeling lost

-lack of awareness of divine connection

-lack of joy in life

-physically: headaches, migraines, epilepsy, psychosis, high blood pressure

What to do....

Find a way to CONNECT with universal source energy, whatever that means for you. Meditation, spiritual groups, studying or spending time with a spiritual mentor. Decide what it all means for you and what you need to do to feel the most connected to it. You may find connection in simple activities too, a walk in nature perhaps. More on this chakra...

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