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YOUR truth will set you free

Those strong in their blue chakra speak the truth of who they are, easily and often. Usually they have a passion for communication and language is an art form. They are truth seekers in their work and relationships and manage their time well to balance personal and professional commitments.

This energy center bridges the wisdom of the heart chakra and the intelligence of the mind.

Is it time

for your truth to shine?

Do you:

-have sore throats and neck pain often?

-use words as weapons?

-have thyroid issues?

-tell white lies?

-feel very shy and don't speak up?

blue lotus flower

blue lotus flower truth

Language is art...

Let's begin by placing awareness on the words we choose. Are you taking responsibility for your life or are you blaming others and circumstances?

In order for you to

speak your truth,

first you need to own it!

Here's some language examples: 


He/she did....

I can't because...

He/she won't let me...

Society doesn't approve...

You have to... you need to...

Taking Responsibility:

I am, I know, I feel,

I will, I can, I do

I want, I believe, I love

my choice, I create, I prefer,

my preference, I see....

See the Throat Chakra main page for Blue Chakra Affirmations

Other ways to support this chakra include: gemstones and crystals, essential oil blends, massage, reiki, yoga, colour therapy, light therapy and sound healing.

Now, granted, sometimes circumstances are beyond our control...

the weather, the sun, the moon, traffic, the behavior of others...but remember dear, we are always creating our own experience AND we always have the power to choose to respond and react. How about the next time something tries to take you off the path of your truth, you dig in deeper and speak it anyways? I look at the "uncontrollables" as just another opportunity to practise!

Empower your throat chakra and speak the language of accountability.

My Nana always said: "when you point at others, remember there's 3 fingers pointing back at you"
-take responsibility-

Feeling like you're going to explode into a finger pointing frenzy? Here's my favorite way to navigate the truth, especially in relationship:

When you.... I feel... because....

-when you are not honest, I feel disappointed, because I want only truth and integrity in my relationship.

-when you are late, I feel very annoyed, because we let others down and miss out on opportunities.

-when you forget my birthday, I feel hurt, because I may not be as important to you as you are to me.

This immediately puts you in a place of ownership with your feelings and your truth. Blue chakra heaven....

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