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Love connects us all

Chakra heart connections run deep. Love and compassion rule the heart chakra and it is the balance point for all the chakras. Physical chakras below it, spiritual chakras above. Loving yourself is the greatest gift, when you cultivate the relationship with yourself all other relationships can flourish too.

Can you simply be more compassionate every day?

green lotus flower

All hearts need love....

Can you....hold the door for someone who's arms are full?

Shine some love on a parent who's child is cranky while shopping?

Studies show that everyone benefits from kindness. The giver, the receiver AND the onlooker! Seems like a win/win/win to me.

Opportunities to spread kindness are everywhere! Just be open.

Let's start with your heart and your heart chakra.....

Do you have a hard time letting others get close to you emotionally? First you must love being with you. Think about what brings you joy, start with the smallest things.... fresh coffee brewing? the smell of roses? 

The sun shining through a crystal projecting rainbows everywhere?!!!!

Ok, that's one of mine :)

Just think about what you LOVE and build on that. Do you love helping others? How about art? Do you love working with animals? All of these relationships are worth fostering because they will all help bring your anahata chakra into balance and harmony.

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green granny smith apples is good! Colour therapy plays a huge role in our lives. Surrounding yourself with the colour green will inspire healing in your heart chakra.

Here's some other yummy green foods to consider:

-bell peppers, celery, beans, spinach, mixed green salad, greens drinks and smoothies, pumpkin seeds, avocado....

(I'll be honest, I've always had a bit of an issue with the colour green. I believe I could be more compassionate.... you with me goddess?)

Using crystals and gems for heart chakra healing...

A simple jade necklace strung on a chain or cord, worn near the heart can be a lovely way to support harmonious balance in your green chakra.

green jade necklace

Do you love yoga? How about some heart chakra poses?

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