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Your root chakra is what keeps you connected to the earth and feeling stable in your life.

Benefits of root chakra healing include getting in touch with the power of the natural world and increased body awareness.

Like anything else, sometimes we need a little tune up to keep things moving they way they should so we'll be at our very best. I'll share some of my favourite root chakra healing tips to help you feel grounded and stable in your muladhara chakra so you can get on with all the juicy goddess living you came here to do.

How to know

if your

root chakra needs healing:

You've lost trust in the process of life, trusting others or yourself.

You're easily overwhelmed.

You worry about your future.

You don't exercise enough.

You have lower back pain or trouble with your colon.

red lotus flower

What to do to strengthen your root chakra:

Visualization and affirmations are a powerful start to any practise if you really want it to be successful. I have found that being clear and setting an intention for what I want to achieve is critical.

Root Chakra Affirmations:

I trust in the process of life

I feel connected to my body

I am nourished by nature

Now, take a deep cleansing breath.

While saying the affirmations out loud (if you are somewhere you don't feel comfortable speaking these out loud, simply focus inward and say them to yourself) visualize a rich, red colored ball of light at the base of your spine. Imagine it pulsing with your heartbeat, knowing that just as your body has a pulse so does the earth. Keep your attention on the ball for several minutes if you can as it swirls, pulses and becomes slightly larger. After, take another deep cleansing breath.

Free chakra healing at it's best my dear.

elderberries on branch

Elderberry tea is one yummy way to support your root chakra healing. Simply use a tea ball and a teaspoon of dried elderberries (they're easy to come by, health stores, grocery stores have them, it's important to get organic if you can) and steep in a cup of hot water for several minutes. Add a little agave, stevia or honey if you'd like some sweetener. I've heard this is also helpful in relieving constipation.

To learn more about this chakra, go here.

Gemstone therapy using chakra stones is also near and dear to my heart when it comes to chakra healing in general. I've always been drawn to stones, they're like art from the earth to me. Garnets are a powerful root chakra stone and they're not too expensive and easy to come by. You can purchase gemstone essences, a small stone to meditate with or a piece of garnet jewelry to wear.

garnet goddess necklace

And always, always be gentle with your self.

To see inside, first you must open the door.

Namaste dear ones.

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